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All that Glitters

I am still a firm believer that a good New Year’s Eve outfit should be black and have just a little bit of sparkle in it. Whether you are splitting a bottle of wine with your roommates and watching Ryan Seacrest or paying hundreds of dollars to watch fireworks from a boat, it is worth it to put together a full ensemble for the evening.

Just before I went home for Christmas, I found this amazing Rachel Zoe jacket at Buffalo Exchange. I knew I would only wear it once maybe twice, but I was so happy with such a statement piece. The jacket stops around my knees, so I wore slim pants and high heels to keep the proportions right. I was a little chilly wearing a lightweight tank top, but a scarf was all I needed while I waited outside to hail a cab.

I was very happy ringing in the New Year with both new and old friends, and I look forward to spending more of 2017 surrounded by people with positive energy.

Here are some sparkly pieces you can wear after the ball drops:

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