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Moving Forward

Around this time last year, young prophet Kylie Jenner proclaimed that 2016 would be the year of “Realizing Stuff and Realizing Things.” Little did the rest of us know that we would realize a LOT of stuff in 2016.

Here is a short list of stuff I realized:

  • Forty years of a woman’s relevant experience is still worth less than a man’s padded resume

  • A man’s potential career in sports automatically eliminates any harmful and illegal activities he may have partaken in

  • Your favorite celebrity is not immune to death

  • Most areas of the world are on fire, and I do not have the money to pay for the water to save it

  • The free drink you get as a Starbucks Gold Member does not fill the void

But as the world enters 2017 with a “Do no Harm, Take no Shit” attitude, we prepare to fight for the lives we deserve. 2016 may have been the year of Realizing Stuff, but 2017 will be the year of Doing Things.

Here are things I plan to do in 2017:

Fight for a Paycheck that I Deserve

I graduate from FIT at the end of May with my second business degree. While I was in school, I understood that part-time, minimum wage jobs and unpaid internships were a necessary evil. But as my parents cut me off, and I prepare for Sally Mae to pound on my door to collect her first round of loan payments, I plan to stand my ground on what I (and industry averages) think is a fair entry-level salary in my desired field.

Push Myself to be Social

I spent a lot of 2015 nearly alone. Since I am an introvert, I blamed my empty calendar on “self-care” and “needing to recharge” when really the only people I ever texted to hang out was my boyfriend and my best friend from high school. In 2016, I made more effort to make new friends (and keep the old), but relationships grow on shared experiences and I still only saw my “new friends” once every couple of months. In 2017, I want to push myself to follow up on those “We should totally hang out!!!” party promises, and build lasting relationships that will stay with me after college.

Establish a Relationship with Sephora

I have never been into skincare or makeup beyond the basics, and I never had a problem with a bathroom counter full of drugstore favorites. But after watching this Buzzfeed video (yea, I know), I considered the fact that my skin problems might have something to do with the low quality product I am using. I am not planning on doing a complete overhaul of my entire medicine cabinet and makeup bag, but investing in a skincare routine that would get a beauty blogger’s stamp of approval might be worth something.

Fix the Relationship with my Body

Along the lines of amping up my skincare routine, I want to establish a better physical health routine. I don’t mean running for 30 minutes at 6am every day or aiming to lift my weight on the barbell (like my boyfriend), but either getting into yoga or doing exercises to help my spine would be a step in the right direction for good health in my mid and late 20s.

Read for Filth

Well, more for growth. While I was in college, I used my hectic schedule as an excuse for not reading for fun. This past semester I managed to find the time to read one book while riding the subway, and therefore I found it necessary to buy four new books with a Barnes and Noble gift card I got for Christmas. Instead of creating dynamic shoe displays in my room, I plan on actually reading these books in 2017.

Hopefully publishing my New Year’s Resolutions on the internet will help me actually achieve them, and if anyone reading this sees me not following my resolutions, call me the heck out. I hope all of my readers are able to strive to live your best life in 2017.

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