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Week of 1/6/2017: Show Your Stripes

Over the past few months, track pants have been seen everywhere but the gym. They have been sitting front row at NYFW with stilettos and fur coats, and spotted in airport terminals with chunky sneakers and chic sweatshirts. Taking a cue from Chas Tenenbaum, track pants have secured its place as the wardrobe must-have for the athleisure girl. Vetements declared “Track is Back!” for their Fall 2016 campaign with Juicy Couture, but the average girl still is not ready to commit to head-to-toe velour. Instead, a simple black and white track pant from Adidas or a more high fashion imitation is perfect for Netflix and Chill or making a bodega run--and if you look like Bella Hadid, you can even get away with wearing them to the club.

Here are some pants available now:

Tory Sport // Morgan Lane // Zara

#winter2017 #trendreport

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