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New Year, New Job

I am pleased to announce that I am the new Marketing and Communications intern at The Woolmark Company! The Woolmark Company is a not for profit company owned by the International Wool Association and funded by Australian wool growers. Through marketing initiatives, brand partnerships, product development and technology research, TWC strives to increase demand for quality wool products around the world. We have offices in six countries, and the US office focuses on developing partnerships with nationally recognized American brands and promoting their wool products.

My typical day consists of looking up potential brands for partnerships and writing company profiles and SWOT analysis, staying up-to-date with fashion and tech industry news and reporting how it could affect our business, and of course, assisting with any daily office administration needs. The US office has six people. I love the idea of working within a small division of a much larger company because I experience the intimacy of a small office and get to see how our work affects a much larger plan. I love that The Woolmark Company works with every aspect of the supply chain, so I get to experience working with the wool farms and the end consumer and literally everyone in between. I can’t wait to see what the coming months have in store for me.

Here are some cute wool pieces that surprisingly aren’t scratchy:

A.P.C. // Everlane // Lululemon // Uniqlo

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