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Final Fight

Today marks the beginning of FIT’s spring semester and my very last first day of school. In 115 days, I will be taking my final bow on a stage and officially become the first person in my family to receive a Bachelor’s degree. These last four years have been nothing short of a roller coaster at a popular theme park: I spent what felt like an eternity waiting to get on the ride that everyone was talking, I threw my arms in the air and screamed a few times, and now I am walking off in disbelief that it was only two minutes long—oh, and I few picture souvenirs.

Even though the fashion industry naturally generates a constant flow of creative people, I will genuinely miss being surrounded by the raw talent FIT’s campus has. I look up to the 20 year olds in my major running small businesses with no reservations, and I look up to the design majors who strut around in original designs that Dries Van Noten would be envious of.

Unfortunately, I won’t be spending a lot of time on FIT’s campus my last semester. Other than the two night classes I am taking after work, I have one class on Monday afternoon.

I wore heeled boots for the first and last time this semester, but it felt nice to stand a little taller. I just got these glen plaid pants from J.Crew’s clearance rack (so on trend) and I like that they are a statement piece that is also versatile. They look great under my tan robe coat, and they hit a flattering point on my calves. Since I have to look presentable at work four days a week, I will most likely be coming to my Monday class in “athleisure looks” aka glorified pajamas. But at least for the first day back after winter break I wanted to make a good last first impression (these bitches need to remember who they’re dealing with).

Here are some standout pieces that will remind them that bitches ain't shit to buy now:

H&M // Nasty Gal // Cole Haan // Coach 1941

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