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Week of 3/31/2017: Light the Way

In order to get to the Brooklyn Museum for my Saturday art class, I needed to venture onto the great unknown that is the D train on the other side of the East River. As I watched the other passengers trickle on and off during my trip between Hamilton Heights and Crown Heights, I couldn't help but notice multiple kids and teenagers wearing the same sneaker.

I couldn't help but notice because these white sneakers had LED soles, and they were quite striking against the dull underground tunnels. Our favorite light-up Power Rangers Sketchers got a sleek update for the unapologetically cool Gen Z kid, and it definitely won't be long until we see Jaden Smith or Haley Baldwin wearing them in LAX.

These sneakers are mostly from small private labels out of Asia, and major sneaker retailers do not offer this model online. Here are some styles to shop now: // Hover Kicks // Fluo Shoes

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