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Fall 2017 Must-Have: Saffron

Are you tired of seeing the same dusty rose on every sweatshirt, billboard, shopping bag, and A-List celebrity skin tone? Do you find yourself searching for a mood boosting color that says "I run a fashion parody Instagram account?" Have you fantasized about being in the same room as Petra Collins? Well LOOK NO FURTHER. Say goodbye to Millennial Pink and HELLO to Gen Z yellow.

No really, it's a thing.

The warm shade of saffron has been slowly infiltrating music videos, red carpets, and Instagram filters and it has been predicted that by 2018 pop culture will look like one big field of sunflowers.

Here are some yellow pieces to make you hip with the teens:

Michael Kors // Free People // Zara // Fjall Raven

#trendreport #fall2017

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