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White After Labor Day: Part 1

I am not here to write 200 words debating whether or not you should actually wear white after Labor Day. It is 2017, y'all have been wearing the same pair of white Adidas sneakers since before Lorde released her first album. You can wear whatever you want whenever you want. If some baby boomer calls you out for wearing white in September while you're just trying to pay at Target, you can tell Linda where to stick her Room Essentials broom..

In late August, I purchased both white jeans AND a white sleeveless blouse which, if I am being honest with myself, both scream summer. I am very fond of them and I am not letting Linda's arbitrary social constructs deter me from looking good. But, I don't want to look like I just came from the beach, and I am counting down the degrees until I can wear sweaters again.

This week I am incorporating my summer whites into my fall wardrobe.

Camouflage print is a huge trend this fall, and I love how versatile it is in the classic J.Crew Tippi sweater. This lightweight trendy sweater paired with a black belt and sneakers take my white jeans from cruise to cool.

Here are some white jeans you can still wear this fall:

Madewell // Levi's // JBrand // Citizens of Humanity

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