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Something Old, Something New

It is nearly impossible to describe the sensation of finding the perfect vintage piece to someone whom has never felt it before. Finding that hat, sweater, or lamp that totally matches your current aesthetic while holding so much of its own history is a thrifter's--or modern day pirate’s-- dream come true.

Over the summer, I was helping my grandma go through her closet to get rid of a few things she no longer had use for. She passed over this blazer and I immediately fell in love. I thought the colors were fantastic, the gold buttons were so fun, and you know I am a sucker for plaid. My grandma was a little confused as to why I did not want the sweater set to be worn underneath, but I knew how to make this jacket look new in 2017.

Blue jeans, a black tank top, and a vintage blazer are a winning combination. Skinny jeans and a oversized jacket are the right balance of sartorial and casual and if the vintage piece you score has a lot of colors a basic black top avoids looking too busy.. I have a naturally small frame, so shoulder pads are a big no for me and rolling up the sleeves help me avoid looking too boxy.

Here are some fun vintage inspired blazers to shop now:

Zara // Anthropologie // Frankie Shop // Nordstrom

Photography by Jacob Paul

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