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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Now that the temperatures have finally dropped below 40 degrees and Trader Joe's has officially switched from Pumpkin to Peppermint, you have to make your holiday shopping list and check it twice. Here are gifts for him, her, and everyone else on your list that gave you a mind-blowing "I Don't Know!" when you asked them what they wanted.


Cat Studio Glasses ($14.75 each)

Cat Studio makes pillows, dish towels, and glasses of states, major cities and travel destinations, major universities, and international destinations. At $15 per glass, they are a easy way to mix and match to customize a pack of 4 to include a new residence, favorite travel spot, hometown, and Alma Mater.

Art of Shaving Starter Kit ($30)

I have gotten this for almost every guy in my life. Art of Shaving is like a man’s Sephora, and a great way to pamper someone. The starter kit is great to use “just for special occasions” like date night or before a big presentation.

Quip Toothbrush ($50)

I know what you’re thinking, “A toothbrush? Really??” But this electric toothbrush has a cult following and raving reviews from Eva Chen saying that this is totally worth the investment.

Portable Speaker ($40)

A carry-on friendly, waterproof, bluetooth speaker is a great party trick and bedside table companion.

Key FOB Bluetooth Tracker ($35)

If your guy is always misplacing his keys, a this minimalistic Key FOB is the perfect accessory to show you care.

Foam Roller ($40)

You have yet to convince your man to join you for 8am yoga every saturday, but this foam roller will definitely change his life. After his 8 hour desk job, he will be thankful he will be able to stretch out his back and unknot his hamstrings.

Classic Pullover ($69)

A classic cardigan is something you can never have too many of. I have been loving L.L Bean recently because they use a lot of natural fibers and their prices are really reasonable for the quality you get.


Fisherman’s Sweater (45)

One for him (see above) and one for her

Crossbody ($35)

Every woman needs what I call a Bar Bag: A small pleather crossbody that you throw $20 and spare lipstick in when you are going out that you don’t really mind if it gets dropped in a puddle, drink spilled on it, or (god forbid) stolen. This one is cute, functional, and perfect for New Year’s Eve.

Glossier Phase 2 ($40)

This cult beauty brand deserves every aspect of world domination it is getting, and the Phase 2 set is a great way to introduce people to the brand or help someone restock their favorites.

Terramundi Money Pot ($30)

This unconventional piggy bank holds up to $500 in coins, and come in a wide variety of colors and themes that will match any goal and any decor.

Makeup Brush Set ($62)

For the woman in your life that follows five different beauty bloggers but is hesitant to actually drift beyond their drugstore mascara, a makeup brush set will set up a great foundation (pun intended) for their makeup collection.

Pajama Shirt ($45)

This cotton shirt is great to pack for traveling, hometown sleepovers, and even with a pair of jeans on the weekend.

Michael Aram Candle ($60)

These candles are a little pricier than your average Yankee candle, but they com in a beautiful jar that become as versatile as a mason jar


At the end of your holiday shopping list, you’ll find people like your boyfriend’s mom, your favorite professor, the company secret santa event, and the new roommate you don’t like as much. Here are ten things under $20 you can get them instead of The Christmas Candle:

Mugs (Starting at $5)

Mugs come in all shapes, sizes and moods, so you are easily find one to please your “dont talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” aunt, “I think I’m badass” co-worker, cat obsessed cousin, and “I unironically love succulents” friend of a friend.

Pouch ($16.50)

A canvas pouch is a great foundation gift to fill with a $5 starbucks giftcard and/or a pen that comes in its own box so it looks thoughtful. And it can be reused as a makeup bag, pencil case, or receipt holder!

Aloe Butter Socks ($24)

During the holidays and preceding cuffing season, people do everything they can to up their coziness factor. A pair of fluffy, shea butter or aloe infused socks are perfect for snuggling up with your heated blanket and mulled wine.

Sephora Face Masks

These range from $4 to $12 each, so they make a great “treat yo’self” gift basket. With the stress that comes with the holiday season and the new year, you know these will come in handy.

Desk Calendar ($15)

This calendar gives you 365 adorable pictures of dogs you’ll look forward to flipping through all year.

Mirror Picture Frame ($25)

Frames are one of those things that always cost more than you think, so receiving a picture or a quote with a nice frame will stand out against the plain black frames you bought in bulk at Michael's.

Portable Tripod ($14)

A portable tripod that is easy to manipulate is the perfect gift for the guy or gal that loves to travel and is obsessed with their Instagram feed.

How to Win Friends and Influence People ($17)

This book holds the secrets to life even 80 years after it was originally published and will feel at home on anyone’s bookshelf

Wine and Bottle Opener ($20)

This is an easy hostess gift to pair with whatever you’re bringing to the annual holiday party, and you are bound to see this on the bar cart for years to come.

Barr-Co Hand Lotion ($24)

Some people might think its crazy to spend $20 on lotion, but Barr-Co is easily the best thing I have ever put on my hands. The scent is mild but refreshing, and your hands will feel incredibly soft all day.

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