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New Year New Coat

Buying a new winter coat can be a daunting task. Once the temperature (finally) drops below 40 degrees, your outermost layer is the only part of your outfit a lot of people will see. It is hard finding the balance of fashion and function and showing off your personal style without people knowing you as “the girl in the bright green coat.”

This navy coat from J.Crew is the first new coat I have purchased in two years. I got it secondhand from Buffalo Exchange, but there is a nearly identical one on J.Crew’s website now. My other winter coats include a dark grey wool coat, a tan trench coat, and a black goose-down puffer. I wanted a navy coat to complete the neutrals, and I really like how these gold buttons pop.

A winter coat is definitely something you should consider an “investment piece” for your wardrobe. A flattering silhouette and quality fabrics will last at least five years in your closet, so it is worth spending your summer babysitting cash on the good stuff. I highly recommend splurging on a coat that is at least 50% wool-- wool is a natural fiber that is water repellent and temperature regulating, and it is naturally odor resistant which means you can get away with dry cleaning once every season.

If you are sick of the black peacoat that’s been hanging in your closet since Obama’s first term, I recommend a coat with a subtle pattern or interesting texture. The prince of wales check has been EVERYWHERE this season, and leopard print is basically considered a neutral at this point.

Here are some coats that are worth the investment:

Calvin Klein // J.Crew // Banana Republic // Tommy Hilfiger

Photography by Jacob Paul

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