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There's Glitter on the Floor After the Party...

During my senior year of high school, my friends and I thought it would be a good idea to go to Times Square to ring in 2013. We arrived at Penn Station around 10:30am, and we were standing right in front of the ball by 11:30am. And there we stood... and stood... and listened to Taylor Swift perform Trouble over and over again to get the sound right by 10pm. I ended 2012 with frostbite on my ankles and started 2013 with an ear infection, but it was an experience I am glad to say I did.

Before the streets of Time Square filled up with non-New Yorkers ready to make the same mistake I did five years ago, I wanted to take advantage of the perfect New Year's Eve outfit backdrop. This year I am wearing a new lace skirt I got from J.Crew during their Black Friday sale and a cozy turtleneck (because partying in 20 degree weather requires some boundaries). I am accessorizing with sparkly socks and a fun necklace that glimmer in Times Square's colorful lights and keeping my makeup relatively simple.

Photography by Jacob Paul

#wiwt #newyearseve #winter2018 #blackturtleneck #blackheels #blackskirt #socks

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