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2018 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The pleasure of each other's company and the excuse to put on a tie and slap on some lipstick for a nice dinner is definitely enough of a gift on Valentine's Day. But sometimes you want to go the extra mile to give your partner a token of your gratitude. Here are 10 things under $50 that your significant other will appreciate this February:

1. Couple's Massage: Some of the best gifts are experiences you can share. I know you think your partner gives the best foot massages in the world and your life changed after you bought a foam roller, but you two deserve a professional.

2. The 3rd Cheapest Bottle: Valentine's Day is a nice excuse to splurge on the $35 bottle from 2015 instead of your usual $12.50 red wine blend. Whether you are staying in for a night of Netflix and Chill in your comfiest pajamas or choosing what to take to the BYOB restaurant, you two will feel extra fancy pretending you can taste the "earthy flavor palette" of Monte Grande.

3. Instagram Photo Book: Preserve all of your favorite memories with this super affordable photo book. You can easily upload images from Instagram, Facebook, and your camera roll to create albums dedicated to a recent vacation, holiday, or just a montage of funny selfies. Chatbooks also offers a service that will send you monthly books so you can watch your relationship (and photography skills) grow.

4. Cozy Throw Blanket: I am pretty sure Valentines Day was invented to force people to leave their houses in February after the holidays have died down and the groundhog told us there is still six weeks of winter. Odds are you are spending the majority of February Netflix and Chilling at one of your apartments, so take this as an opportunity to upgrade your cuddle gear.

5. Kendra Scott Earrings: These studs are subtle enough to pair with any date outfit, and the classic stone with gold will dress up her simple weekend outfits.

6. Godiva Chocolate Box: A box of twelve truffles is only $32, and it is most likely not something your S.O is ever buying for themselves. You can mix and match the flavors for a personable way to #treatyoself

7. Movie Pass: When you have finished binging the fourth season of Grace and Frankie and are starting to get cabin fever, get out of the house and go to the movies! The AMC movie pass is only $9.99 per month, so it pays for itself after only one use.

8. Vase for Flowers: If you were thinking of getting your partner flowers, why not buy a vase to go with it? A vase will last long after those $10 roses die, and it is sure to look beautiful in their entryway.

9. Couples Cooking Class: Instead of blowing $100 on some pre-fix menu downtown, take a cooking class together! You'll both enjoy learning a new skill, and you can enjoy an intimate dinner at home afterwards.

10. Framed Picture: Whether you have been dating for three months or three years, getting a nice photo of you two framed is a really thoughtful gesture. With social media, it's easy to post a picture and forget about it until your TimeHop brings it up again, so a physical memento of a special day is a simple way of preserving happy memories.

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