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Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

Planning a Valentines Day outfit is a lot different than planning a lewk for New York Fashion Week. You don't need to be wearing head to toe color to stand out, and a few extra details are enough to make a simple outfit eye catching. Adding a pop of pink or red to an achromatic outfit looks festive without looking kitschy, and simple accessories help to make your favorite LBD look brand new (even to your partner who has seen you in it a dozen times).

Click through the slideshows for three Valentine's Day outfits using things you already own:

The Daytime Date:

Black Dress // White Shirt // Black Boots // Red Accessory

Everyone knows the key to dressing in February is layering. It is easy to pretend you are going to wear something tight and short you can recycle for Halloween next year, but when you actually check the weather that oversized sweater will look a lot more appealing. Layering with heattech leggings and a white shirt with fun sleeves will make wearing that LBD possible, and will certainly stand out among the sea of red sweaters.

The Nice Dinner:

Statement Top // Black Pants // Red Lip

Let's be real-- no one actually wears those big tutus unless they are pretending to be Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. And despite what Pinterest tells you, it is possible to go out for a romantic dinner without wearing an A-line dress and stilettos. A sparkly top will give you table appeal, and wearing a nice pair of high-waisted black pants look flattering and totally polished.

The Stay-cation:

Red T-Shirt // Cardigan // Jeans

If your plans involve trying something new in the kitchen, renting a Rom-Com (or Slasher flick), and/or pretending a DIY home project is a good idea, you definitely want to wear something cute and comfortable. You know that sweatshirt and leggings combo has always wowed your partner, but for Valentines Day it's worth upping the ante to jeans and a t-shirt. This way when you decide to make a CVS run at 5pm, you'll look put together with just a touch of holiday spirit.

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